Lay the foundation for long-term success.  Social Media Marketing strategies with proven techniques that produce results.

Social media management allows businesses to stay connected with their existing customers as well as gain potentially new customers either through friends or referrals. Sites such as Facebook (with over 750 million active users) and Twitter (200 million users and generating 350 million tweets per day and 1.6 billion search queries per day) allow a business to have a strong social media presence that can easily be expanded upon as the brand becomes known and is spread. Coupled with this, proper social media management is a crucial aspect to your business. By so doing, it allows you to continuously keep your name (brand) in front of their eyes and develops and maintains a key relationship with them for long term success.

At Positive Results Social Media Marketing, we are a very experienced social media management division and have a wealth of experience in creating relevant profiles and successfully managing social media campaigns thereby entrenching your presence..

Strategy Development

Organic Search Strategy We design organic search strategies using a combination of tactics to communicate your brand’s quality and relevant to major search engines. We carefully design a plan to increase online exposure and traffic through proven techniques including site architecture crafting, website/microsite development, content creation and promotion, link building and blogger outreach. We take a fully integrated approach to search that spans across all areas of our services to obtain natural and extremely relevant links, mentions, and increase visibility in the search engine results page.

Social Media Strategy Increase brand awareness and develop deeper relationships with your target audience with our innovative approach to building social communities. Identify areas where your social media follower growth and engagement might be limited, and where your profiles can be optimized to allow & encourage maximum fan growth. Locating growth potential is extremely important because your social presence is vital to encouraging conversation and engagement, which ultimately leads to brand advocates and conversions

Paid Search Strategy Build a paid search strategy using the correct mix of traditional and other PPC services to increase the ROI of a sales campaign. Identify areas of opportunity to improve paid search campaign performance including keyword selection, ad copy, campaign settings, overall account architecture and landing page usage. We analyze every aspect of your paid search campaigns and make recommendations to maximize the metrics that are important to you such as conversion volume, return on ad spend, quality score, click through rate and cost per click.

PostTrackable (Social Media Software)

PostTrackable is a platform for engaging with customers, measuring results and monitoring your brand across multiple social media channels at once.

Social Media Manager PostTrackable product features

General Consulting

Eliminate uncertainty and wasted resources with expert advisement on specific or ongoing issues. Whether you require technical or creative counsel, we provide regular access to the Positive Results thought leader(s) best-suited for your needs.


Master the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the online marketing realm with our customized training packages. Our variety of training options, including printed guides, webinars, and on-site training programs, are tailored to your team’s needs and abilities.

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