Through proven research based training curriculum, Clients succeed in generating opportunities and expanding business expertise.

We are flexible in meeting your training delivery needs through multiple delivery methods that can be blended, stand alone, or complement one another to provide a highly effective, seamless training solution for all levels of your organization. We strongly recommend a holistic approach to sales training that includes:

Assessment: Benchmark your salesforce’s skills and talent to identify “gaps” in performance and understand your business training needs.

Development: Build customer-focused selling skills that differentiate your salesforce in a competitive market by designing and implement Positive Results training solutions.

Reinforce Training: Ensure that your salesforce is using the new skills back on the job to drive results.


Customize courses are engineered to engage your learners and deliver real impact for your organization. Positive Results delivers highly engaging inventive e-learning that produces interactive and powerful solutions for effective learning.

Sales Training

Challenging economic times lend even more credence to training your sales professionals to improve their ability to create more organic growth. Companies are finding it difficult to acquire new business due to fierce competition. Our clients realize that competition is willing to take lower margins just to earn business. While this might seem like a great short-term strategy, long-term companies still need to sell value propositions justifying higher margins and better profits. 

Positive Results Sales Training delivers comprehensive..

  • New business development strategies.
  • Account management processes.
  • Sales concepts to improve sales effectiveness.

Positive Results delivers all of these workshops through three convenient mediums.

  1. Customized On-Site Training
  2. Public Workshops
  3. On-Demand Learning

Each of these solutions offers comparable information. The variations between these mediums simply lies in the personal and organizational preferred method of learning and how much customization of material your organization desires. Learn more about our training solutions today.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Positive Results LMS lets you publish courses and place them in an easy to use online catalog. Learners log into the LMS with any browser, select courses from the course catalog and take them. The LMS tracks the learners activities, providerships, professional licenses, progress, compliance with course assignments and much more. The LMS provides online reports for each course and learner yet is inexpensive and provides the essential features you need.

Our Learning Management System (LMS) is designed to fit any organization size. With it you will have the sophistication favored by all companies and learning institutions. Yet, you can enjoy the flexibility, simplicity and customization of a system that will not overwhelm smaller organizations.

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