Self Managed Websites that Look Good

Author: Dennis Kyle
Publish Date: 04/11/2011

Design over Function or Function over Design

Why are we not able to have both.  We can!  If you use a firm that understands design and function, your company can have a great looking website that can be self managed and monitored.  Too often web technology companies either sacrifice design for function or vice versa.  When looking for a web technology firm ensure you are seeking the ones who respect both needs.

Design can be understood as the layout, colors, navigation, and the general placement of content.  While function is what happens on the back-end of each page.  For instance, let's say we have a blog and we want it to only show three of our most current blog entries?  This is a function and not a design issue.  Therefore, it is important for us to easily manage this type of functionality.

The separations between Design, Function, and Content truly allow the experts in each area to do their job while not sacrificing the efforts of the others in the process.

To learn more about Design and Function click here send us a message and we can create a demo for you.


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Self Managed Websites that Look Good

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